Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Life in a Nine-Room Bungalow

I just discovered a short story by Grace Livingston Hill called, "A Journey of Discovery", which is chock full of the most charming description of romantic life in a bungalow, including delicious decorating, dining, and baby-bathing details:

"The top landing gave a charming vista of three pretty rooms and a white tiled bathroom all flooded with the spring sunshine, as if a dozen suns were shining in as many different directions. They were airy rooms, with muslin-curtained windows, simple wall paper, neutral-tinted rugs and white furniture, with a touch of color in the borders of the wall and curtains, the cushion on a rocker, a knot of ribbon on the dressing-table. One room was rosy-tinted, one was white and gray, and the third a dainty blue, the wall bursting into a shower of cherry bloom over a deep sky background. . ."

The jaded city heroine has gone out to the suburbs to visit a friend who married "beneath her" and now lives in a little nine-room bungalow--only to find her friend revelling in the joys of domestic life in all its bungalow glory. . .

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