Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Apple Green Paint

Giles took this picture of the afternoon sun coming in his window. I love the bright apple green paint we used in his room--on one wall only. The other three walls are papered in white with little green leaves, and the wood trim is all painted my favorite Benjamin Moore Atrium White. I have a special fondness for this room because it's the first one in the house where I really let the color rip--wait til you see Daisy's Mango Lounge. I posted a picture before which only shows her one *white* wall!

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Anonymous said...

ATRIUM WHITE! I know what you mean! When we had some rooms in the old house painted, 'atrium white' seemed to 'speak' to both me and Gears. The contractor was mildly amused. "You want atrium white in this room too?"

It turned out beautifully.

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