Saturday, March 18, 2006

The Last Fire

We are enjoying what is most likely the last fire of the season. One last weekend of chilly rain, then on to better things! When it warms back up I will empty all the ashes out of the woodstove, clean and store the red enamel teapot I keep filled with humidifying water on top of the stove, and move the Boston fern back onto the stove. The mudroom will get a *thorough* sweeping out after a winter of bringing logs in and out, and that will remind me to wash all our winter coats and pack them away for the season. I love changing seasons!

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Magistra Mommy said...

Hi Anna!
I enjoy your blog so much, especially the adorable pictures of your Daisy. What a sweetie! I undertook the same Decorating Challenge that you did earlier (I think it was last month) and thought you might want to visit my blog. It is Hope you can visit!

In Christ,

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