Thursday, July 13, 2006

A Day at the Lake

In celebration of Daisy's birthday and enjoyment of summer in general, we headed for the lake today. The Composer was out of town, so we met up with my friend Carol and picked up some more children (for a total of thirteen!). A basket of egg salad sandwiches, a jug of lemonade, and a bunch of wacky noodles did for provisions.

Incredibly we had the lake to ourselves all morning and early afternoon and it was so beautiful. It's a little gem, on a tiny mountain, spring-fed, and adorned with CCC creations like stone pavilions and diving platforms.

We drove home in the afternoon heat and the children spent the rest of the day reading and playing Clue. We have my ten-year old nephew McKinley for the week, so the board game dynamics are new and exciting. McKinley has done nothing but swim and lose teeth since he arrived on Sunday. Two teeth fell out his first day, and tonight he looked down and said accusingly that there was a tooth in his salad. I sent him to the mirror to see if he was missing one and sure enough it was his (*I* was not surprised as I knew I had *not* put any teeth in the salad).

We ended a lovely day with tiny chocolate cupcakes in Daisy's honor (full-size cake to follow tomorrow with presents, pending the Composer's arrival home). She showed us how useful it is to be two, because when you're two, you can put the whole cupcake in your mouth at once.


Kelli said...

It sounds like a lovely day at the lake! I like how Daisy eats a cupcake. :0)

Queen of our castle said...

That just sounds like a lovely way to spend a summer day :o)

Maybe teeth in the salad would add an interesting texture?

G.L.H. said...

Happy birthday to Daisy!

What a lovely day you had at the lake. It makes me relaxed just to read about it.

Lisa (Froggyhead) said...

The teeth in the salad thing cracked me up. I can just hear him!

Sounds like a wonderful day. I was just about to ask for the recipe for wacky noodles when it has just dawned on me what they are and that one is not to eat them. LOL

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