Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Cockatiel Day

It's probably my fault, regaling Felix with the tale of the charming scarlet macaw I met at a coffee shop in Denver. He was sitting at an outdoor cafe table, with a sunflower hull stuck to his chin, gazing sideways up at Daisy and me. I only learned a little bit about him (favorite movie? The documentary "Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill"), but I did get to see him ride home on the handlebars of his owner's bike.

Felix has been thinking and reading of nothing but parrots since then. And then today--a trip to the city with the Composer, with *all* his money in a canning jar, and probably a little of Clara's too, since she is generous with him, and they brought home Henry, a beautiful powder-gray cockatiel.

Felix has been studying up on the most approved methods of raising small parrots (my favorite library book title: My Parrot, My Friend: An Owner's Guide to Parrot Behavior), and is good to go. I'm sure Henry will be sitting for a portrait or two tomorrow, so check back!

1 comment:

G.L.H. said...

What an adventure! You will love it, I'm sure. The "only" bad thing about birds is the mess on the floor under the cage. May I suggest you make an upside-down shower cap of tulle to catch the "fallout?"


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