Monday, September 25, 2006

Beauty in the Bedroom

Afternoon light and breeze in the curtains:

Rose-scented geranium on my nightstand:

Pillowcases my grandmother embroidered and edged with crocheted lace:


Ann said...


I really enjoy your lovely space on the web. It's refreshing to browse through your intelligent, encouraging, and enlightening posts.

With Gratitude,

G.L.H. said...

As always, lovely photography. How wonderful you have (and use) things from your grandmother.

Cara said...

Rose geraniums have always been one of my very favorites. My grandmother has a bay window in her upstairs guest room and always grew several varieties of scents. When she was still able to send me letters (before Alzheimer's claimed her beautiful mind), she would often enclose a leaf or two among the papers, or a pinch of Sweet Annie.
Now, I frequently put a drop or two of rose geranium essential oil on a light bulb ring on my the lamp on my nightstand which delicately scents the entire house.

Shari said...

a sweet and calm little slice of life. :):)

Brenda said...

As I've said before, I love the photography as well as the prose.

I appreciate that you stay who you are with your blog. I guess there are a lot of kindred spirits that enjoy visiting a place that holds true to vintage decorating as well as values.

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