Thursday, September 28, 2006


Time for new shoes for the girls! I find that colorful clogs are really practical for our life. They go with everything (by matching nothing), and are appropriate for everything but fancy dresses. They slip off easily at the door during muddy weather, they show off colorful socks, they're indestructible, and they're just so cute!

Clara and Bella enjoyed picking this year's models out of the Hanna Andersson catalog.

Daisy's not big enough for clogs yet, though she enjoys tromping around in any stray clogs she can find. For her, this year, I indulged once more in leopard-print mary janes. Mmm.


Heather said...

Our daughter saw these clogs in the Hanna catalogue and begged me for them! Since they exceed our shoe budget by quite a bit, she'll have to wait! I keep watching the Hanna website for sales and have purchased some really pretty things for her! Such nice quality and the fabrics have a wonderful hand.

G.L.H. said...

Leopard print Mary Janes--wish they came in my size!


Janel said...

"They go with everything (by matching nothing)"

lol I love that strategy! We do it too, but never put a 'name' to the concept.

We get the "Dorothy in Oz" sparkly shoes. They were DD's first pair. She was two and wouldn't let go of them. It's a good thing they were on clearance for $4! Afterwards, she wouldn't let them leave her feet. Since then we've had shiney red and sparkly pink.

Anonymous said...

for g.l.h.
I'm Anna's mom, and I love leopard-print shoes. Try Dansko.
I wear mine frequently, always with a sense of having the best shoes in the world. SS

Shari said...

do the ones on the right have straps? that would be really nice.
clogs are so fun.

Barbara said...

My girls like clogs too! :)

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