Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Ficus Tree

This past spring I tossed my ficus tree out on the front deck with disgust. It was infested with scale and dripping sap all the time, and the branches only grew horizontally, making it "hard to place"--about twelve inches tall and twenty feet square. Not so attractive. I purposely and deliberately abandoned it to the elements, hoping I would be spared from making a decision about its future; drought, heat, and neglect would do their thing and I could throw away the dead stub in the pot without a qualm.

I took a good look at the tree yesterday and noticed how pristine and green the leaves were, in spite of my horrid treatment. No scale, no sap--apparently the bugs, not the tree, succumbed to the elements. Felix and Clara helped me take the long horizontal branches and in about one minute braid them together into a beautiful (vertical) standard tree shape. Then they carried it inside, where it sits at the dining room window looking fantastic. Look at those leaves--that's clean living.


Shari said...

hi there, if you don't mind, i put your link on my blog. :):):)

Carmen said...

I really enjoy taking a peak into your blog. It is very simple and elegant! It gives bloggers a glimpse into your world with out so many details that you sacrifice your families security. I also linked you on my blog for my family members to take a look at how beautiful homemaking can be!

Deb Paul said...

I love your blog and especially your pictures. What camera do you use? E-mail:

Anonymous said...

30-40 years ago when I had a huge house (for five growing kids) I always set my houseplants out on the shady terrace for the summer: "sending them to camp" I called it. It utterly, miraculously, rejuvenates them.

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