Friday, September 08, 2006

Light and Air

First thing in the morning, the only one up in a quiet house, it is one of the pleasures of my day to open the house up to air and sunlight. Even in the hottest part of the summer there is usually a little bit of fresh air and maybe even a breeze as the sun is coming up, so I almost always open the front door for a while, which lets in a blaze of morning light. The kitchen door, which is shaded in the morning, stays open even longer. The outside air has to be pretty unpleasant before I stop thinking of it as "fresh air", and something desirable.

As the person in charge of the house during the day, I enjoy managing sunshine and air as the sun moves to the other side of the house. In hot weather I pull the shades down on the east side of the house in the morning, and raise them and pull the west side shades down in the afternoon.

If it cools off in the evening, I turn off the air-conditioner, open doors, raise windows and turn on the attic fan. Sometimes I wonder if I am fussing too much, but I keep on doing it. Free air that feels good, and beautiful unrestrained sunlight are such blessings, I welcome them into my home anytime I can.


Copper's Wife said...

Mmmmm... Yes!! That early morning air always just smells so fresh, too!! Now that the weather is, hopefully, getting cooler for most of us, maybe we can enjoy having open windows for most of the day every day. I have to say, the photos on your blog are always the best!

Brenda said...

I thought of this post yesterday when I was opening our windows. There was an unexpected rain storm and I love the smell of rain.

I have to shut the windows most of the time due to my guys both having severe allergies.

Lisa said...

No, you're not fussing too much - I do the same, and wonder if I'm being controlling, but no - it makes a big difference! Right now it's a steamy morning, and I have my 2 bedroom window shades pulled way down. It's dark in here, but cooler!

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