Wednesday, September 06, 2006


One of the last bits of beauty in my dry late summer garden--these moonflowers (perhaps just the local name: also angel trumpets?) twining around the back porch and geraniums. I bought one moonflower plant years ago with the instructions that it was an annual or at the very most a tender perennial, but have found that they both 1. return each year and 2. reseed freely. So no lack there.

Every morning I go out the kitchen door just to enjoy their lemony lily-like fragrance before they fade in the afternoon sun.


Mrs. C said...

Lovely! We have these in our front yard, and they do multiply!

Morgan said...

I think these are one of my favorites, unfortunately I have a hard time growing them in New England. I can get the plants to grow but they never get to flower before frost. I hope you enjoy them! I love the picture. thanks for sharing.

Glory Quilts said...

We were given some of these this spring when we moved into a new house. The donor called them Trumpet Flowers, but they were just little green plants then. We treated them HORRIBLY and I was certain they would die of neglect, but they are thriving! I will have to go out and smell them!

Shari said...

my good neighbor and i share a patch of moonflower morning glories on our fence. when i moved in, she mentioned she'd be taking them down, thinking i might not like them. i told her to please let them grow, they're perfect for our chain link fence.
they do seem to come back nicely every year.

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