Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Extravagant Baking Day

Maybe we got a little carried away today during our session of baking: after putting together my usual four loaves of whole wheat for the week I mixed up almost the entire yeast bread chapter from Marion Cunningham's The Breakfast Book:

•dried cherry and fig batter bread (a very soft dough that is stirred, not kneaded)
•whole wheat cinnamon and raisin bread (two loaves)
•chocolate-pecan butter bread (two loaves)
•a Sally Lunn loaf baked in an angel food cake pan (light white loaf with cream and a delicate crumb)

I made up my different doughs one at a time, working from dairy-free to dairy, of course. I tried to stagger the rise times knowing that I only had six pans to bake in. If I needed a dough to take longer I put it in a cooler spot in the kitchen. Doughs which I wanted to rise quickly I put on my beautiful warming shelf, and they popped right up.

They will wait happily in the freezer and make us many nice Sunday morning breakfasts!


Ann C. said...

And what a darling assistant you have!

littlejennywren said...

Well done!

Loral said...

so sweet! I've been enjoying your blog for a bit now, and this morning my little guy (3yo) was sitting with me and asked 'who's that girl in the pretty dress?' He was really impressed that she's BAKING! I have that cookbook too, thanks for the inpiration to get it out and follow Daisy's lead :)

plainandsimple said...

I definitely approve of lots of yummy bread...I'm a carboholic!

Cara said...

Mmmm, Anna, the Sally Lunn loaf sounds scrumptious! It's a dreary day here, and my kitchen is calling me! Thanks for the inspiration.

lauren said...

Yum! Industriousness to strive for, I'll say!... good for you.
I so enjoy your blog, I've been lurking for quite some time now. Thanks for the daily inspiration!

lauren Mumford

Anonymous said...

Wow--inspiring! Sweet photo, too!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad see that I am not the only one that has "extravagant baking days"! I so enjoy your blog and have been lurking for a little while now and thought I would say "hi". Thanks for the post.

Gretchen H.

Kimberly said...

Marion Cunnungham? Wasn't that the mom on "Happy Days"? Does the cookbook have any relation to the show? The Chocolate-Pecan Butter Bread sounds delicious! Is it possible to post the recipe?

Shari said...

you were a regular bakery. that's awesome.

i've only done bread a few times, with a breadmaker. doing it from scratch does seem to be a great workout though. kind of like working with clay.

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