Saturday, October 07, 2006

Garage Sale Saturday

This morning our church held its annual garage sale, proceeds going to send teenagers out on short-term mission trips. I put a few hours in yesterday sorting and pricing, and went this morning to help run it.

Clara and I got there by 6:40 ready to go. Why so chipper? Because I was wearing a shopkeeper-style apron, of course! I sadly have gotten to the point where I can do no work without an apron. On the bright side, however, tie one on me and I will do anything at all from scrubbing toilets to chopping onions to carrying dusty boxes out to people's cars--with a smile! Further, my handy apron pockets were just the thing for sticky labels, a marker, and stray dollar bills.

Clara and I had cleverly scheduled haircuts for 9:15 so were able to do our time at the sale and then head out to get beautiful. We wrapped up our town errands with a quick poke-around the vintage bookstore (two new Grace Livingston Hills--baby!) and came home in time to find Grandpa bringing over a big box of hamburgers for everyone. We had a delightful lunch, a sunshiney game of petanque in the front yard, and a pleasant afternoon of sewing, running after Daisy, and a walk under a cloudless sky.


Anna said...

Which Grace Livingston Hill books did you find? I have only read three of hers and one of her aunts and Loved them!!! I have been asking and looking for more!!! Thanks for sharing the one a while back. Sounds like you had a wonderful day with the girls.

G.L.H. said...

Ooh, me too--which two did you score?

What a lovely day you had!

Anna said...

I got The Challengers (most excellent description of poverty-stricken family dining on "soaked bread", and also excellent descriptions of an ideal stone house in the country) and Tomorrow About This Time, which I am still reading. Anyone read these?

G.L.H. said...

I love The Challengers, tho' that Iron Sink with the Greasy Cold Water gives me the creeps...
I can't remember the plot to Tomorrow About This Time--can you refresh my memory?

I am the lucky owner of about sixty titles, but I don't have "Tomorrow."

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