Saturday, October 28, 2006

Modern Breakfast Inspiration

From a wonderful cookbook, given to me by my mother while I was in college. I remember reading it while living in a dorm room, longing for a kitchen and a pantry full of good ingredients. My copy has completely fallen apart, but I keep all the pages tucked inside the cover and use it often for its special breads and general inspirational quality:

"I often ask people what they think of breakfast, and most reply instantly that it is their favorite meal. When pressed to tell what they eat for breakfast, their answers become rather vague. I've decided that they love the idea of breakfast, but they need some good guidance and recipes actually to get them to cook it. Breakfast has remained pure amid all the food trends with their stylish dishes and chic ingredients. The honest simplicity of breakfast is so captivating."

--Marion Cunningham, The Breakfast Book

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Jessica said...

I love these quotes! Reading through cookbooks is one of my favorite pastimes....

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