Tuesday, October 24, 2006


My big front circle garden has been an eyesore this summer--drought and deer have just about knocked out the perennials that kept it looking nice for so long. I never watered ever this summer and it was very, very dry. But. Looking on the bright side, I believe I have discovered the plantings that will truly care for themselves, so this week I have been working on clearing space and mulching and now planting some things that will bring it back to life.

When I say we have a deer problem, I mean that there are multiple deer standing in the front garden several times a day, even though Giles gets them with his pellet gun whenever he can. They like to wait until the lilies are about to open, then eat them. Same with tulips. Salvia. Daylilies. Hydrangeas. Ferns.

They haven't bothered my thorny roses, lavendar, crepe myrtle, ornamental grasses, rosemary, wigelia, or spirea. So I'm doing shrubs from this list. Easier to water than lots of little plants. Plus they'll grow big and make more of a showing. Fall is such a great time to plant! It's cool out, lots of things are marked down at Lowe's, and I can see where the holes are in the garden. Onward and upward!


Heather said...

I would love to see a picture of your finished garden! This is a great time of year to plant in our midwestern state as well! I just need to get motivated! I know your garden will be lovely come spring when all of your efforts now will pay off! Happy planting!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your blog!! Not only are you a very good writer, but your photographs!!!!!!!!! OH MY!!! Are you the photographer?? Your photos are LOVELY!! I could just look at your pictures all day!!

Mrs. U

Anonymous said...

I echo Mrs. U..I LOVE your blog! I spent all day yesterday (taking it in little snippets) reading all the back posts!!! I am a HUGE Grace Livingston Hill fan. Have shelves upon shelves of her books. Have you ever read her biography? I've been inspired and encouraged in my role as a mom and wife after reading your blog!
Thank you,
Wife for 21 years, Mom to 7, living in New England

Anonymous said...

I live in deer central, and they basically don't like highly scented plants. They have destroyed my lilacs, tuplips, roses, wegelia. They leave alone all herbs, ornamental grasses, Russian sage, dusty miller, lambs' ears, peonies, lilies of the valley, daffodils, hyacinths.

I also really enjoy your blog -- you seem to have crafted a very lovely life.

Copper's Wife said...

Fall is the BEST time of year to plant where I live, too. Sounds like you've put together a terrific plan for low-maintenance landscaping. We don't have deer, but the wild turkeys have made a mess in one of my front flower beds!

Mrs. Huckabay said...

Those deer wouldn't stand a chance in my garden. Dh would have them in the freezer before noon, lol. Your blog is beautiful, and I really enjoy checking it for new pictures and posts. I love your sewing projects!

Heather said...

Anna! Thank you so much for your tip! I was at Lowes yesterday for a special light bulb and browsed the garden center!!!! I came home with 12 heathy looking young shrubs for $40!!! I am so pleased! I hope to go back tomorrow for more! They are the 'good bones' kind of plants, nothing showy,fairly common, but great 'backdrops' for the 'stars' of the garden! BTW - I forgot to get the special light bulb!

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