Thursday, October 26, 2006

Thinking About Breakfast

I have been thinking about breakfast this week and wondering why I have been satisfied to serve my family so little for lo, these many years. I have routinely allowed (made) them to subsist on cold cereal with the occasional pancake morning. And why? Because it felt like too much work to do anything more!

I have resolved to do much, much better and in fact we have had a week of wonderful breakfasts. I have made breakfast every morning since Sunday, and served it at a table set with plates, silverware, napkins, juice glasses, and cocoa mugs. My aim is to serve a little protein, a little fruit, and some nice whole grains every morning. It seems so luxurious to sit down *together* and eat something nice, all at the same time as a start to the day. Such a change from everyone standing around in the kitchen with a bowl of cold cereal.

It is taking much less time that I feared--I start preparing at 7:30 (Clara makes a silver pot of cocoa; I do the rest) and we sit down at 8:00, everyone dressed and beds made.

Sample Menus:

Cinnamon-raisin toast, bacon, cocoa, orange juice.
Toast, scrambled eggs, caramelized apple slices, cocoa, orange juice.
Biscuits, sausage patties, cocoa, orange juice.
Cinnamon rolls, fried eggs, plain yogurt with brown sugar and fresh raspberries, hot tea.

I'm having fun!


Heather said...

Wonderful Anna! Isn't it satifying to start the day with a good breakfast? My children love it and rarely eat cold cereal now. They love crock pot oatmeal with applesauce, ham and egg Mommy McMuffins, fresh muffins of any sort and always fruit - big bowls of mixed fruit are our delight. They love to make a triple batch of waffles and eat what we can than freeze the rest for quick 'toaster waffles' on rushed mornings. I often cook bacon in quantity to have on hand for BLT's for lunch and bacon and cheese melts or for on salads or to start potato soup for a hot lunch! I even serve warm oatmeal apple crisp for breakfast with a slice of cheddar! The sky is the limit!

Anonymous said...

Mmmmm... It all sounds so good. It's great to have the table set for breakfast just as one would for dinner. That happens rarely around here too. Don't totally dismiss all the great cereal out there though. There are plenty of healthy ones. We do tend to have alot of hot cereals here like Zoom, malt'o meal, and oatmeal. I really ought to add cut up fruit on the side more often though.
We let ourselves believe we're too busy for this or that but us momma's can do so much more than we give ourselves credit for.
Well you take care and have a great day. :)

Amy W said...

I too was amazed at the wonderful good and healthy breakfasts I could make for my family in under half an hour!
I have found that a "homemade" breakfast sticks with them a lot longer than the cold cereal did. With the cereal they were hungry again in a couple of hours!
Now, we only have cold cereal every once in awhile as a special treat.
I also set my breakfast table the night before and prep as much of the food as I can in advance. It's amazing how much better or days start now!

Joyful House Farms said...

What wonderful ideas! I, too, have been striving for better breakfasts. Thanks for sharing your struggles and successes, Anna. I appreciate it.
Just last night I was talking with my hubby about wanting to have a set rise time for the children instead of them just wandering out over a 45 minute period. Perhaps knowing a lovely set table, candles, and a delicious breakfast is waiting would make facing the morning chill less difficult. I know as I rise early, I enjoy lighting a few candles and having tea in a delicate cup while spending time reading my Bible. Why wouldn't they? :)

Jessica said...

I just recently found your blog and have enjoyed reading it...I love your sewing projects!

I wholeheartedly agree, it's so satisfying to sit down to a real breakfast with protien, fruit, and carbs. I've found that it doesn't have to be a huge meal, and it doesn't have to take that long to make either...I mix up dry ingredients for muffins the night before and they are ready to bake the next morning in just a couple minutes. Fried eggs take no time to make, and homemade granola is cheaper and much more filling then store bought cold cereal.

Here are some of my favorite breakfast combinations:

Granola in milk with yogurt and peach slices on the side

Oatmeal with diced apples, bananas, or peaches cooked in with it, with fried eggs and milk

Malt-O-Meal cereal with wheat germ cooked in it, with fruit on the side

Yogurt smoothies made with fruit and protien powder, served with peanut butter toast

Peanut butter bagels and fruit

Scrambled egg burritos

Anonymous said...

How perfect you should leave this post as I have been aiming to do this very thing. I just heard on a Dr. Phil program (the one time of the year I happened to watch!) that a bit of protein at breakfast helps a child out tremendously with their school work.

Anna said...

Thes are great breakfast ideas! It's hard to do a huge variety of proteins without getting into dairy, which Giles cannot do. When I serve dairy, I think I'll slip him some personal bacon or something. More ideas welcome!

Pamela said...

Hi Anna -

It's so nice to hear about something that you aren't already perfect at! Enjoy your family breakfasts. I have a lovely baked oatmeal that I'll share with you soon.

Elizabeth said...

A little thing I do is set the table the night before - I love waking up to my very lovliest breakfast dishes prompting me to cook myself breakfast.

Fe said...

Thank you! Some good ideas here, and just what I needed to read right now!

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