Thursday, October 05, 2006

Treasures from Tiny Town

The little tiny town where I sometimes have court on Wednesdays has turned into my favorite road trip. I take all the children with me to visit friends, walk from our friend's house over to the courthouse, and then pick the kids up for fun times. Last week we went to the famous Tiny Town Barbeque and had huge delicious lunches. We also cruised through the antique mall next door, mostly just looking since their credit card machine was out of order and I only had a twenty from Giles' pocket.

Yesterday, however, I had court there again and came prepared with a checkbook. What a haul, and all at tiny town prices! I just love antique stores in out-of-the-way towns: everything is dirt cheap and not picked over. I got *two* PINK VELVET ARMCHAIRS in great shape for $56 each!! Also a gorgeous battered green-painted wooden table I will use a sideboard in the dining room ($38, don't hate me), and two wonderful vintage metal painted wastebaskets: green with lilies of the valley, as seen above, and for Bella's room, robin's egg blue with bright tomato-red tulips!


Anonymous said...

Please show us photos of all your treasure finds! Your photos are always inspiring and soothing. Your blog is my favorite of all!

Ann said...

Those pieces sound perfect for your home. And what great prices! I'm surrounded by over-priced shops here, but I promise not to hate you... I enjoy your blog too much.
Have a lovely weekend.

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