Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Afternoon of Donuts

The girls and I made donuts this afternoon after putting our loaves of bread together. I accidentally used all whole wheat flour in the dough, instead of half white, and the donuts were a little more fragile to handle before cooking, but tasted just fine with a nice crumbly texture. First we mixed everything up by hand:

Cut them out (this is the fun part and Bella got to do it all today):

Fried them (Clara's job):

Then sifted powdered sugar over them:

Then we ate all the donut holes!


Joyful House Farms said...

We love making donuts here, too, Anna! I use my every day bread recipe, which uses freshly ground ww flour, but I omit the ground flax seeds I usually include in our bread. We like a variety of sprinkles - powdered sugar, regular sugar, maple sugar, and our VERY favorite - lavender sugar.
I blended a tsp. or so of organic lavender buds with a cup or so of sugar 'till it was finely powdered together. Delicious!

Emma said...

Those doughnuts look delish, Anna!

Anonymous said...

I tried your recipe and they really were fun to make - and tasted great!
--- Diane

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