Saturday, November 11, 2006

The Mango Lounge

A peek into Daisy's bedroom, the Mango Lounge. I painted three of the walls this rich orange color (aiming for "ripe mango") when I thought the room would be my painting and sewing room. Little did I know I would use it for a nursery!

The tiger lily watercolor on the wall is one of my favorites. Unlike many of my paintings which are cut up and reassembled, this one was painted in two fell swoops and left alone: quite a success in my terms!


littlejennywren said...

What a happy colour but restful at the same time.

Kelli said...

Your watercolor painting is beautiful!

flowerlady said...

happened by your blog from visiting another and so enjoyed looking around. I'm another homeschooling mom of 6 who loves to sew and what-not. Loved your breakfast ideas, I might be inspired.

Cindi said...

I would have never thought of painting a room that color. It looks so pleasant. No wonder Daisy always seems so serene in her photos, she wakes up to that lovely color every day.

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