Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Mud Room Door

Giles took this great picture of the mud room door today. Behind that door lurks a very large woodpile, brought inside in advance of the snow and sleet we hope to see tomorrow.

It is such a luxury to have a room that can withstand dirt and mess. I credit my mother, who designed this wing of the schoolhouse (it was added on later). For the floor she put in large quarry tiles in cement and I love how durable and impervious they are.


Kelli said...

We always had a mudroom growing up but I don't see them very often anymore. About 10 years ago, Phillip and I were going to have a house built and a mudroom was at the top of my must have list!

Mrs. Wilt said...

Oh, a mudroom is a must-have! Ours doubles as my cool pantry right now as well. Perfect for keeping potatoes and onions.

What a lovely picture, Giles. The contrast between the white door and burgundy siding is beautiful.

Shelley Jo said...

That photo could be in a magazine. I can just see it on a cover!

We currently do NOT have a mudroom, but we are thinking of closing the outer end of our HUGE living room off and making it a mud/laundry/crafting room.

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