Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thanksgiving Day

Now this was a nice Thanksgiving Day. We made our pies yesterday--pumpking and pecan. I love the restfulness of planning Thanksgiving dinner. What's to plan? We're having what we always have!

We planned to have our meal at midday so Clara and I spent a very pleasant morning in the kitchen. We diced and sauteed vegetables for our cornbread dressing, which was the best ever this year. I dried the white and corn breads out in a low oven this morning tearing them into little pieces. Made all the difference.

We set the table with the Rosemeade china and a vase of alstromeria left over from the wedding shower, as well as a ceramic chicken. It was a beautiful balmy day. We left the kitchen door open while we ate, and sunshine was streaming in.

A little parsley left over in the kitchen after all our cooking. Parsley is supposed to aid digestion. Instead of eating this bouquet, though, we all went for a really long walk in the beautiful weather.


Vicky said...

You sound like you had a lovely day. No Thanksgiving here - I'm from the country the pilgrims were giving thanks to have got away from!

But it was Labour Thanksgiving Day here in Japan and we did have the day off, which we spent with friends, so it was a nice day for us too.

The weather could hardly be more of a contrast though - cold and overcast yesterday and a blizzard today!

G.L.H. said...

I love a "home" Thanksgiving. And I love your comment--What's to Plan? We're having the same thing!

Shari said...

the flowers are gorgeous!

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