Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Beauty in the Back Hall

A log cabin quilt the Composer's great-grandmother made:

Bluebirds of happiness in the window:


Anonymous said...

quilts are a wonderful treasure to have. I wonder if the women who made them for their loved ones thought that they would of lasted as long as they do, and warm so many with their comfort. I am in the Middle Of Honor Girl, and I must tell you, I like it!
Did you get something in the mail? If not, it will be there this week!

Anna said...

Christina! I did get a fabulous package. The scarves are adorable--especially the curly pink one. And the rose-scented candle is the best rose candle I have ever smelled. What a treat, and what a thoughtful gift! Thank you so much!

Me said...

I've been lurking here for awhile. I love your home - it is beautiful. I am fond of re-purposed homes.

The photo of the quilt moved me. I have two hand pieced and stitched (without a machine - like this one I would guess) by my great-grandmother P. For Christmas my husband bought me a glass-sided trunk to display them in.

I've loved Grandma P's quilts since I was a small child - there was something incredibly warm about them.

I come from a quilting family. I have gorgeous quilts from my grandmother and my Mom too but somehow, Grandma P's seem the most comfortable - perhaps because they are so softened around the edges.

RANDI said...

Lovely pictures!

Anonymous said...

Anna, did you start a new blog about GLH books? This also looks really good!
The candle is a Yankee Candle. Im glad you like it. Hope the girls liked their things as well.

Dianna said...

I love the little bluebirds! I like how you have just a few sweet items for the eye to light on.


dianeinjapan said...

Adore the log cabin quilt! I don't own one, though I have some other lovely vintage quilts. The birdies take me back to my grandmother's house years ago--think she still has one; will have to track it down the next time I'm there!

Toni said...

OK, now, loved your son's photos, but as I skimmed reading your blog I thought, 'how refreshing' then when I got to the photo of the bluebirds, I just had to comment. I have a pair of them also. I love your photo! Love your blog!

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