Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Delicious Tiny Treasures

Another court date in Tiny Town, another trip to the best and cheapest antique mall in all the world . . .

Vintage satin padded hangers in candy colors (green not shown):

Gratuitously pretty metal trashcan--can you beat dogwood blossoms?

I also bought two wonderful flowery metal trays for dirt cheap, and a cheery yellow breadbox, the garage kind with the door that slides up, painted with flowers, for Clara to set on her dresser top and store her toiletries in. Sunshine!


Julian said...

Anna, theres nothing like a day spent getting some treasures for a bargin, huh? Sounds like fun to me! You make me want to redo my girls room. WAYYY too cluttered, and in need of some serious breathing room! We have a cute antique store about 10 minutes aay that has linens, and teacups, and fuun vintage things like ladies gloves, an purses, and old books. Right next door is a soda shoppe, with a taffy machine that is 100 years old, and STILL works! What fun!
Happy hunting for treasures!

Julian said...

ana, just to let you know we tried the chicken salad, and the lek potato soup tonight, and it was very very good! Thankyou for the recipe.

Roberta said...

Ohhh...gorgeous can...I love it.

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