Friday, December 15, 2006


Clara's December recital was tonight; each cello student from her teacher's studio played a piece. I was immensely proud of her this evening as she presented Daniel van Goens' "Scherzo" for cello and piano. It has around a million notes, and goes a billion miles an hour. You can click here and scroll down to Track 4 for a sample of this piece. Really fast playing is not her thing; she is more meditative and introspective and glories in rich, deep music. But tonight she pulled it off!

She was accompanied on piano by the Composer. It makes me so happy to see them play together. Almost like we all landed in the right family somehow.

A very tiny and precocious six-year old boy went first with his little tenth-size cello and bow. Daisy looked with alarm, then shouted (twice), "His stick is too small!"


C.A. said...

Holy Moly....I listened to track 7.....she PLAYED that???? Whew!!!! I would of loved to of heard her play.

How many years has she played? Cheryl :-)

Anna said...


She started when she was five, and has been playing every day since then. Seven years! We're off to orchestra this morning. Early.

C.A. said...

That is excellent!!! I love music and my goal for this next year is to buy a violin and learn to play....I am 41 going on 42.

My son Samuel who is 3, LOVES music. My hope also is to start him soon into something like violin since he has such a passion for it. He has a problem with his speech - verbal dispraxia - and I think this would help him greatly.

Isn't it amazing to see your children just bloom with their gifts!! Amazing.

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