Saturday, December 30, 2006

A Week for Extras

Time for the little projects that have stayed down on my list for too long! I have:

•defrosted the freezer. Oh, it feels so good.
•tidied various closets.
•shopped for underwear.
•sorted baby clothes.
•tidied drawers and shelves as I have come to them.

It's just nice not to be so rushed! School and work will pick back up soon, but in the meantime I am enjoying a little extra order in my spaces, and some time to putter (but no baking--we're still living off interest from Christmas).


Julian said...

same thing going on here. I lve the feel of an organized house. It might not stay that way for long here with 6 kids, but the moment is to be relished!
Happy New Years, and blessings for this year.....! Christina

Vicky said...

I too have done a lot this past couple of weeks - there was even one day when we had a PERFECTLY clean and tidy house!

I have also done loads of little jobs that I had been putting off. The biggest one was sewing up my son's ripped and faded blankie! I have a very grateful boy right now....!

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