Wednesday, January 10, 2007

"Made Up of Little Things"

"Most people's lives are made up of little things. On the whole, in spite of battle, murder, and sudden death, most of us are concerned, day in and day out, with work and play, food and rest; and one day is pretty much like another. If this is an accurate picture of your life, and you are looking forward eagerly to more of the same, you're contented. You're also either lucky or very wise--or both, and probably blessed with good health."

--Homemaker's Encyclopedia: Personal Beauty and Charm (1952)


Rebecca said...

I am very glad that you were the finder of such a great resource, because you are willing to share these tidbits with US! :-)

Charity Grace said...

I'm loving these!

Copper's Wife said...

I love that sentiment! So very, very true!

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