Friday, January 26, 2007

"Ready for Work in the Kitchen"

A brilliant find in Tiny Town this week: the 1954 gem Everyday Foods by Harris and Lacey. My copy is missing the first couple of pages (that explains the $1.50 price perhaps!) but it is full of most excellent passages:

"Ready for Work in the Kitchen"

"The efficient worker includes getting ready for her job as part of her work. Handling food requires absolute cleanliness. Everyone who is to prepare food must, therefore, meet the exacting requirements of cleanliness.

What one wears in the kitchen--inexpensive house dress, or smock, or apron--should be washable, attractive, and of course spick-and-span.

Shoes should be comfortable and neat.

Hair should be out of the way so that it will not be falling in the eyes or into the food. Such an arrangement can and should be becoming.

Handkerchief should be placed safely in a pocket.

Hands, especially the nails, should be thoroughly clean before handling food, and of course hands are never clean unless they have just been washed.

A hand towel should be conveniently placed so that hands may be washed frequently. Never fail to wash your hands after using a handerchief, going to the toilet, or soiling the hands in any way.

So true.


Meredith said...

I have an earlier edition of the same text. It's a keeper!

residenttinytown said...

Anna, I was trying to catch up on reading through your daily posts and noticed a quote from a book called "A New Name". I found the book on Amazon and wondered if you would recommend it to buy?
Would love some extra reading that inspires the housewife and mommie in me.


G.L.H. said...

Lovely book--thank you for sharing! (I love that it says to have your hair "attractive" to make food--guess it has to do with the overall picture of a homemaker!

Carla said...

Anna, This is my first time commenting on a blog. My husband just helped me with it! Anyway, I have enjoyed your blog so much for quite some time and get a lot of inspiration from you. It is so nice to see homemaking and raising children respected for their importance.

Marie said...

I know I always keep my handkerchief safely in my pocket.

Kelli said...

It sounds like a wonderful book...I especially like the part about how the hair should be becoming!

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