Thursday, January 11, 2007

Stage-Managing a Preschooler

"Oh, yes . . . and you're a stage manager, too! You set the mood for a child, alternating gay activity with periods of calm. You help a child get to sleep by providing a restful atmosphere, cool air, drawn blinds, and maybe soft music. You see that mealtimes are pleasant and serene with the emphasis on sociability, not manners or punishment. You arrange a child's playroom so he has several different type things to do, seeing that it's bright and sunny and generally appealing. And you change scenes, too. You sense the moment when your child is becoming bored with indoor amusements . . . And then you lose no time is getting him outside for play. And you sense approaching fatigue in time to remove him indoors again . . ."

--Homemaker's Encyclopedia: How to Care for Children (1952)


Donna said...

Hi Anna,
I found Clara's sweater pattern and yarn in a previous post, so never mind.


G.L.H. said...

Yep, it's an acquired skill, moving from one activity to the next. I am so enjoying my daughter and daughter-in-law becoming skilled in this area.

Who said homemakers weren't skilled?

Our Family of Five said...

I absolutely love this. Very well put.

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