Thursday, January 18, 2007


I have had the urge to go to the thrift shops this week and have had such fun! My sights are set very low, so I'm thrilled by even a tiny find; on the other hand, my standards are pretty high and I don't want to bring home anything that's not going to be truly useful, beautiful, and at home.

This week I have gotten:
•Two 1950's vintage patterns for Clara--a Peter Pan collar blouse, and a classic shirtwaist dress ($.30)
•Two Buffalo china dinner plates ($1.50)
•a large handful of invisible zippers--the only kind I use--all in their packages and all in my colors--lavender, pink, yellow, pale blue ($.30)
•a modern dress pattern for myself--I think it's going to look 30's when I get through with it though ($.15)
•Most Importantly, this book of patterns for "Television and Radio Scarfs"! How did I make it this long without a crocheted radio scarf?


littlejennywren said...

Well done. I'd love to see the television scarf if you make it. Sounds like a must-have fashion item.

G.L.H. said...

Oh, my. I remember TV and radio scarves. My first embroidery project was a Dresser Scarf.

Oh, and I had a Howdy-Doody Head Scarf.

Scarves abound!

Marie said...

I can not imagine. To go without a scarf for you radio is scandalous.

Your blog is delightful! I'm a'puttin' you on my blogroll.

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