Monday, January 08, 2007

Vintage Decorating Inspiration

Not surprisingly, there are all kinds of goodies in my new encyclopedias. I'm enjoying the book on decorating, which takes us room by room through various styles of homes: "shabby apartments", "old four-room apartments", "apartments for career girls", and my favorite so far, the (modernized) "wonderful old country home".

"The living room is colorful and cozy. It is the kind of a room where friends love to bring their mending and spend an afternoon sewing and visiting around the generous tea table. There is everything a man needs to work comfortably at this slant-top desk."

--The Homemaker's Encyclopedia: Decorating Handbook (1952)


Deana (Dee) said...

I read on another site it was delurking week or something, funny I never thought of my reading as lurking :) Anyway you website is so neat, it encourages me! thank you! I apreciate you! Anyway it would have been neat to have been born and a housemaker in that time your books are set.

Gina said...

How wonderful--especially women getting together and mending in a circle, visiting.
I think that the hostess volume and the meal-planning volume would be the first two I'd crack open!

G.L.H. said...

Thanks for sharing your "find" with us! I agree-mending with friends sounds so fun!

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