Friday, January 05, 2007

Vintage Heaven

Have I died and gone to vintage heaven? I'm now the proud owner of the complete Homemaker's Encyclopedia:

Decorating Handbook
•How to Care for Children
•Etiquette for Everybody
•The Hostess' Complete Handbook
•Indoor and Outdoor Gardening
•Needlecraft for the Home
•Food-Buying and Meal-Planning
•Housekeeping Made Simple
•Personal Beauty and Charm
•Home Repairs Simplified
•Hobbies for Everyone
•Fashion Sewing on a Budget

See the little nest on the table in the photo? That's because I'll be doing a lot of sitting at home reading next week, after Daisy and I pack everyone else off on a ski trip. We're going to organize the closets, take my grandmother out for lunch, and spend the rest of the time in 1952.


littlejennywren said...

I am green with envy. Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Anna, where do you find books like this? Were they all written by one person, or is it like a real encyclopedia where a lot of people write? I was hoping my library would have them, but alas, they do not.


clarice said...

Ohh I have never seen these. Cool !! Clarice

C.A. Worcester said...

Wow!!!! I never knew there were books like that - well, I mean from the 1950's. How wonderful for you. I love things like that. The look like they are in fine condition too. Beautiful colours. Where did you find them?? Ebay?

Deana (Dee) said...

Anna I really love your blog, what a nice find for you. It's encouraging to find other women out there in the world that get a kick out of the same things I do!

G.L.H. said...

What a beautiful set! Congratulations on your find.

Enjoy your lunch with your grandmother--what a blessing you have her!

Calla Lilly said...

Ooohhh, I just LOVE those kinds of books! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, you *must* share your nuggets of wisdom that you come across in your lovely set of books!

Janel said...

CONGRATULATIONS! I'm soo jealous! They sound like a wonderful find.

Copper's Wife said...

Oh, my, aren't they just beautiful?? I've looked at these on some of the great out of print book sites, but haven't indulged. Congratulations on a complete set. They are so lovely! I'm hoping you'll share some quotes and such with us. Enjoy your quiet week at home.

Coming Along Nicely said...

Heaven is right! Sounds like an ideal day. What a great treasure to have found.

Leslie said...

Please share your gleanings! I have a Searhlight Homemaking Guide from 1937, but it is more about folding napkins & hosting formal dinner parties.

Kelly said...

Oh, may I come along to 1952? :) Sounds delightful, and we know you'll share some nuggets with us so we'll try not to be to green.

mom to 6 in PA

kbforjesus said...

Hi Anna,
I came across your website this evening when I was looking for some sewing info. I love all the vintage you sew. Beautiful work!!You have a gift! I loved the quotes you posted! Then I realized that I have those books too. My Mother had given them to me some time ago. I would love to pass them on to someone who would appreciate them. I could send them to you and let you draw a name out of a hat, like your fabric goodies. Let me know...

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say I share your excitement 110%. My mother and I, together with my sister in law, her baby, and her sister visited my grandparent over the weekend. I was poking around their bookshelve and came across the complete collection. When I asked my grandmother whom is 85 if I could borrow them, she said I may have them :-D She is such a sweetheart! I am busy reading the one on Beauty and Charm, and enjoying every minute of it :-D

Anonymous said...

P.S> I thought the sun had bleached the back of the books! Because some of my books have the brownish backing too, but I see yours has it too! I guess it cam out that way!
I will let you know if I find some other great vintage books.

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