Saturday, February 24, 2007

"A Pleasant Custom Widely Followed"

"Entertaining at tea is a pleasant custom widely followed in many parts of this country. Some women make a habit of inviting a few friends in for tea in the afternoon.

The small tea is served in the living room. There should be a table low enough for convenient pouring and covered with a dainty cloth.

The tea service, silver, if you have it, or china, is on a tray of tole, silver or wood or Mexican tin. The tray, which has no cloth, will also hold a hot water jug, sugar bowl and cream pitcher, strainer, and a place of lemon slices, and, if it is large enough, tea plates, teacups, saucers and spoon. If not, these may be put on the tea table. The tea may be made in the kitchen and brought to the table in the teapot."

--The Homemaker's Encyclopedia: The Hostess's Complete Handbook (1952)

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Rebecca said...

I can not believe what perfect timing this is. I was just asking my husband this morning if tea was traditionally served in a pot, or if it was filled with hot water and the tea was individually done.

I love your blog. knew that! ;-)

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