Monday, March 05, 2007

Backroads: The State Park

We had a lovely day yesterday on a spur-of-the-moment after church trip. The weather was sunny but chilly--a perfect day for a cosy meal and a hike! The Composer's parents agreed to meet us at the state park that's between our houses. It's on top of a mountain and has a charming lodge we had never visited:

It lay very quiet in the peace of a winter Sunday afternoon, and in the dining room we had a nice lunch. With ice cream. Then it was time to get down to business:

We started here:

And followed a beautiful trail down a very steep ridge.

A river was running at the bottom.

And we all sat down and looked . . .

. . . at this.

"There is a river whose streams make glad the city of God . . . Come, behold the works of the Lord." (Ps. 46: 4,8)


Anonymous said...

I visit your blog often if only to see your beautiful pictures. You seem to have no shortgage of wonderful projects as well. Keep on taking pictures! God bless!

Heather said...

Breathtaking!!! I instantly thought of the verses that boldly claim that He is our rock and shelter, a strong tower.

A mighty fortress is our God!

Anonymous said...

What state park were you at? It is beautiful. We live in East Tennessee and I wonder if it is near here. We are in search of a new road trip destination.


Shelley Jo said...

How lovely, Anna! We also did some hiking over the weekend. Beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing. Maybe I will post mine today at my blog:

Momma Roar said...

What beautiful pictures. My children are young but I look forward to when naps aren't needed and we can do things like that on a Sunday afternoon after church. Right now, I'll take the naps while they come, and dream through your pictures!
Thanks for letting me stop by.

Kendra said...

What a beautiful way to spend your Sunday, I love hiking with my family!

PeppermintPearl said...

Just beautiful!
We're still trapped indoors with snow and freezing temps here.
Come on, Spring!

Shelley Jo said...

I FINALLY posted my photos from our hike!!
Shelley Jo :-)

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