Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Embroidery Inspiration

Embroidery! I'm on a kick, finding fun inspiration everywhere. Such as this website for a truly comprehensive collection of Aunt Martha vintage-style transfers. Who knew there was a whole package of different parakeets in funny and embroiderable poses (now going straight onto a pair of cotton pillowcases for Felix)?

And I spent a fruitful morning browsing the big city book store during Clara's orchestra practice Saturday, and brought home this delicious confection, full of tempting photographs and best of all, page after page of charming transfers:

I have a five-pack of onesies in the dryer right now, preparing to be decorated with cupcakes, pie slices, ice cream cones, and Martians in spaceships, for a baby shower coming up.


Julian said...

I also have that book. Delightful, isnt it? I have used the rocket, the martian, and the stars for a wall hanging for my 6 year old son, and the cats were used on pillows for my daughters. I LOVE thoes birds. Im going to that place right now! Happy embroidering!

Shannon said...

Oooh. Those embroideries are so sweet... I wish you had gotten into this and posted it about 2 weeks ago. :) I have a baby shower to go to this Saturday but stitching cute little things on onesies is just a bit too much for me to do in the next two days... I will be sewing some sparkly, bright nursing sheets, though, and those are always fun! Thanks for the inspiration, though - I love reading your blog for all the "oh! that's a GREAT idea!" things you do! Have a wonderful day!

lisa said...

That sounds like a yummy baby shower gift! I've been embroidering days of the week tea towels. I have an Aunt Martha kitten set (working on) and scottie dog set (yet to be made). They are very cute.
Thanks for sharing your book and website finds.

Copper's Wife said...

Embroidered onesies will be a wonderful baby shower gift!! How fun!

Embroidery is almost as addicting as knitting, isn't it? Embroidery goes faster, though ;)

Me said...

Here are some good sites with free and pay for stuff that you might like:

Yeah - I love embroidery too.

Anna said...

I forgot to post about patternbee! I love their stuff!

Daughter of the King said...

I am just start to bring back embroidery into my life and have come up with using rubber stamps as my designs..or old Stamping up books to trace their designs...not for sale of course BUT lots of options..

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