Saturday, March 24, 2007

Spring at the Cabin

Perfect spring weather at the cabin today. The water level was low, though--ordinarily our landmark rock in the river is almost submerged this time of year.

Daisy did a little wading.

Grandpa cooked hamburgers.

Grandpa's dog was just happy to be there.

Daisy got a blister on her tiniest toe.

We all admired the incredible sunlight that we always find there.

And the quiet.


Anonymous said...

How lovely was your day, thank you for sharing.

cdorsey said...

Sounds like a perfect day.


Karen said...

aahhhh. A breath of fresh air....

Tracy said...

Sounds perfect, and I can smell the burgers cooking over the charcoal.

Anonymous said...

i love the photographs, as usual. i especially love the one of your daughter ringing the bell. still LOVE reading your blog and seeing your beautiful photography. sigh.

Kelly said...

Spring in the mountains. You are blessed!

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