Friday, May 18, 2007

"The Cook's Creed"

"The health of my family is in my care; therefore--
I will preserve as far as possible the nutritive elements in the foods which are delivered to me.

My family's enjoyment of food is in my care; therefore--
I will preserve and enhance the attractive qualities of the foods with which I work.

Stretching the food dollar is part of my responsibility; therefore--
I will take such care of foods that none will spoil. I will use left-overs with thought and skill.

A well-prepared dish and an appetizing meal are a creative achievement; therefore--
I shall derive happiness from work itself.

Good food is of prime importance to my family; therefore--
I shall take pride in doing an outstanding job of cooking."

The Modern Family Cookbook, Meta Given, 1942.


Jana said...

This was my first visit to your blog, and it sure was pleasant. I LOVE all the photos. Your blog feels fresh and clean and springy and inviting. I am inspired! And your daughter, Daisy, is ADORABLE! I'll be back!

Mrs.B. said...

I enjoyed these quotes very much...Thanks for sharing. (o:


Jenn @ Frugal Upstate said...

This was my first visit to your blog. It has such a nice feel.

I found this cookbook last summer in the FREE BOX at the Baptist Church rummage sale. Without even knowing what it was I snagged it right away. It's in great shape and a real fun treasure to read.

I was very happy with my luck!

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