Tuesday, May 01, 2007

"Morning Dress"

"Mary had loved to pick out that little pink flowered morning dress, for instance, with its airy dainty ruffled collar and think that when she would wear it she would be 'Mrs. Judson,' and 'Mr. Judson' would be sitting opposite at their cosy breakfast table."

--Grace Livingston Hill, Mary Arden


Kimberly Alexandra said...

Oh! You make me want to read absolutely ALL of them!


Anonymous said...

This quote is so inspirational! I enjoy the way you pick out snippets from books to share!

Mrs. Rabe said...

Your site has lead me to an reinterest in Grace Livingston Hill. I found a 1948 copy of Mary Alden at a re-sale store on Monday for $1.50! I am enjoying it very much!

AmeliaB said...

I keep meaning to get some more G. L. H. books from the library. Do any of the ladies here know of any "sea themed" books (beside Rainbow Cottage)? I'm going on holiday to the beach in June and would love to read one that goes with the surroundings.


P.S. Are morning dresses the same as house dresses? Or are they "robe" like?

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