Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Walking West

The last few weeks I have been walking to the west after dinner--it's getting too hot to go for my walk in the afternoon. The advantage of the evening walk is that I can go straight out and not have to worry about coming back, since the Composer is happy to come pick me up two or three miles away. So, no gigantic uphill!

Giles came with me tonight to photograph some of the things I have been looking at.

Patriotic folk art on a mailbox:

Points for trying on another mailbox:

Great contrasting textures--rusty tin and weathered paint:

Hundred-year old logs in the corner of a shed (was this once a home?):

The odd geometry of a doorframe askew:


Anonymous said...

It seems I have discovered so many things lately, like you the joy of walking, it is part of my weight loss journey but it is so good for the mind and senses. BTW I have reached my goal, a wonderful feeling. Also the world of blogging and in particular your beautiful blog which gives me such inspiration as a stay at home Mum who often feels very undervalued not by my family but by society. Again yesterday on meeting someone for the first time, the standard question reared its head "And what do you do?" with my reply SAHM and the look of "Well you must be a moron". No I am no moron. I just finished 7 part-time years of study at university and gained a duel arts/education degree as an interest but am still happy to look after my family. Is this an Australian thing or is it like this in America too? I have always enjoyed craftwork but you have inspired me to try my hand at machine sewing and I have just completed my first half-apron and feel so good about this little accomplishment. BTW Giles photography is just wonderful. Sorry this is getting a bit lengthy. Bye for now Joanne

Mrs. U said...

LOVELY photographs!! It's amazing what the eye of a good photographer can see that most of us will often overlook.

Thank you for sharing these! I hope you continue to enjoy your walks!

Mrs. U

Julian said...
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Julian said...

I always enjoy coming to this blog. It is highly refreshing, and inspiring. I love the way you take something ordinary, and make it look extraordinary in a simple way. You encourage the reader to look with different eyes, to not miss the play of light, or the hidden beauty in something very simple. Thankyou for that.
Christina Gomez

Jana said...

Lovely pictures! I long to live in the country. I grew up in an area that looks so similar to where you've been walking. I miss it.

Kim said...

Lovely, I have discovered something myself. If you find out what a child loves and let them develop that it is amazing what they can accomplish. Thank you for teaching me that.

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