Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Guests in Giles' Room

We have guests due tonight, so we did a speedy clean-and-fluff this morning in the downstairs bedrooms. Giles and Felix have got the boot for the week and will be roosting in the pop-up camper at night.

Ordinarily Giles' bed is covered with a white duvet, but for a change I pulled out this wonderful quilt. Big bugs! Big dragonflies! My mother pieced this by hand in (you'll never guess) the late sixties. The top sat in her sewing cupboard for several decades before she handed it on to me, and I quilted it by hand.

This thing is huge! She says she didn't know when to stop.

Always for guests, a big pile of fluffy white towels, this time sitting in front of one of my collages.


Mrs. Pivec said...

I bet the kids will have a wonderful time in the camper!!

The quilt is so cool! It must have taken your mom - and then you - forever to finish it. Quite lovely and fun! :)

Mary said...

The quilt is amazing! You must be a patient person, it is so heavily quilted, and by hand. Just beautiful.

Leslie said...

Fun quilt & lovely collage. Will you be selling some of your collages in your Etsy shop?

Alycia said...

Your quilt is so beautiful! Your pictures always make me want to step right into your peaceful home. Blessings to you and your guests, from Japan

Joy said...

Oh, I found your blog over at Lindsey's at Enjoy the Journey. I love this blog, and you are such an amazing woman, seamstress, etc!!
I can't wait to come back again!

Mrs Pea said...

Wow - did you have a frame for hand quilting? I just used ties on my son's quilt (which hardly deserves that name compared to that beautiful work of art) because I couldn't see how to hand quilt without a frame to hold it all.

Gina said...

That collage you painted is beautiful. I'd love to see more if you have them.

My children used to camp out in our pop-up when we had one--good memories.

Mrs. MK said...

Very blessed guests!

Karolee said...

Beautiful quilt! Makes me wish I was your house guest sleeping under it.

Missy said...

Please consider adding some collages to your etsy shop!

Your blog is one of my very favorites-- such lovely images, such a peaceful yet pleasantly active spirit here!

G.L.H. said...

For Mrs. Pea,
I do my hand-quilting with a hoop, which looks like a large embroidery hoop, which I found at Jo-Ann's. My grandmother did it that way, so I just picked it up, I guess.

Your quilt is wonderful, and what I *especially* like, is that it doesn't "look" sixties. Of course, my grandma started doing the Polyester Double-Knit thing, (why did so many women think that that was a gift from God?) and so "sixties quilt" isn't Always my thing.
Love the pattern of bugs and fireflies!
Enjoy your company!

EEEEMommy said...

Please, can I be your guest? :)

Yours Truly,

Deana (Dee) said...

You have such a knack for homing!


PS. It was cool to get a glimps of the composer!

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