Saturday, July 14, 2007

Bend-the-Rules Sewing

I picked this book up in Colorado and enjoyed peeking at it all the way home. In fact, I was itching to get into the *gigantic shopping bags of darling fabric* I had picked up at Denver Fabrics and The Creative Needle, also in Denver.

The photography is wonderful, the fabrics and trim choices are inspiring, and it's very nice to have some basic crafty-type patterns all in one place. However, the pattern pieces and instructions are probably not the easiest for a beginner to follow, nor do the patterns "bend the rules", as far as I can tell.

In spite of that, this is my favorite sewing book of recent vintage! Colorful, fun, stylish!


Amy said...

I've got this book on my "wish list". I also enjoy the author's blog from time to time, called "Angry Chicken".

Mrs. Bonnie said...

Oh-ho something else to look for at the library,myself being a great bender of sewing rules. Really, aren't they just the someones interpritation of how things should go togther?

Mrs. Bonnie said...

I really should proof read before publishing.

Huskerbabe said...

I've always wanted to go to The Creative Needle in Denver. They sponsor all the sewing shows on PBS in Colorado. I'm only 3 hours away, you'd think I'd get there sometime! LOL

The book looks interesting.

SUGAR MOON said...

I just ordered it. Thanks for the tip.

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