Monday, September 10, 2007

Dinner with the Composer

In an early celebration of the Composer's birthday, the two of us took off Saturday for a little backroads fun. No children: my mother kindly hosted the girls, Giles took off *in a car*, and Felix was camping with the Boy Scouts.

We went down the highway to a tiny village with a cosy restaurant and had supper. Steaks! New potatoes! Really good salads! After stormy weather all day, the evening sky was full of drama. After we ate we drove up to the top of a nearby ridge and enjoyed the tumultuous clouds, and the homey street lights turning on in the valley.

Then we headed home ourselves.

(photo by the Composer)


Our Family of Five said...

Awesome picture. :)

Nate Sanford said...

Anna this is Nate. I have to know where this cozy little restaurant was. Sounds like a delight.

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