Monday, October 29, 2007

In the Woods

Of course the mornings start out chilly, so a fire is in order . . .

and a person can sit beside it and work on a little hand-sewing project they might have brought along. I seriously considered bringing my sewing machine; after all, we were going to be there for two days!

And while you wait for the cabin to warm up you'll need your hooded sweatshirt.

When you do go out, it's breezy and blue.

A stop in at the closest antique store is in order.

Beautiful arrangements, a little pricey. We didn't bring anything home.

Off for a hike--without little girls, who stayed in with grandmother. Felix was more "in the woods" than the rest of us.

No matter where we go, the most beautiful things in creation are these faces:


Felix and Clara

Clara at sunset

and Giles.


C.A. Worcester said...

Hi Anna-

I am up late and before I "retire" (uh, head hitting pillow as I collapse) I wanted to check and see if you posted "Wood Weekend" usual Giles, you take some really beautiful shots. I wanted to comment that I love the red leaves picture. At first, I thought it was leaves with a tiny red bird fluttering on the leaf, but on closer examination, it is "just a leaf" but one beautiful picture. (In my humble opinion).

I can't help but think Anna, that your children are going to remember all the wonderful ordinary things that you and your husband have enriched their lives with, but made them so special and elegant.

Have a great night/day!!!

divinagrace said...

I recently discovered your blog (about two days ago) and would like to say that the photography and writing are absolutely lovely.

Pure beauty and inspiration!

Ruth Simons said...

Wonderful pics...and good reminder of God's grace in creation and in our homes. Thanks!

Mrs. Hurzeler said...

I absolutely love coming to your blog. And being Canadian I had heard the name Gilles before, but after hearing your son's name, my husband and I think that if someday we are blessed with a son, we may name him Gilles. God Bless.

Jodes said...

Anna, your girls are all growing up so quickly! Wonderful photos as ever :)

Gina said...

Beautiful photos!

Nathan said...

The photo of your daughter Bella is especially beautiful.

Simply Stork said...

ohh these photos are just captured many a mood...lovely lighting.

Carmen said...


I don't think I've commented before? So I guess I can be considered a lurker since I've read your blog for a few weeks now...can't remember where I found you all.

Anyway...lovely pictures! The cabin looked very cozy! Loved the pic. of the front porch! Looks like my dream house! Do you own it or did you rent it for the weekend? We rented a cabin in Northern Michigan last summer and it was a blast!

Glad you enjoyed your time.


Emily said...

Lovely just lovely. Reminds me of our trips to the Smokeys.

Davene said...

Your comment about the most beautiful things in creation being their faces is so true...

And the most beautiful sound is their laughter...

And the most beautiful touch is their hugs...

I would never have understood the love of parents for their children until I became a mother myself.

Anonymous said...

Bella's photo is stunning. I especially appreciate the lavender undertones of her lip echoed in the fabric of her shirt. Did Giles consciously see that or was it just part of his natural gift? beautiful!

deb meyers

NatalieS said...

I'd love to have a cabin like that. Instead we're just now learning how to tent camp with a dutch oven. Fun but cold!

Heather K said...

beautiful photos!!
What a lovely get away to the mountains!

Anna said...

Our cabin was just a weekend rental--the Composer's father has a cabin we use regularly, but we wanted a little different part of the mountains this time.

Natalie, have fun with that camping! Some of my best memories are freezing camping trips--NOW we can laugh.

That picture of Bella is just about my all-time favorite. The pink and purple in her face are happy accidents, Giles says, refusing to take credit for planning them.

MamaTee said...

I just discovered your blog and think it is wonderful! Your pictures are amazing! Keep up the great work.


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