Friday, October 19, 2007

Round Mirror

My friend Elyse has given me a handy rule of thumb: if you see a little antique mirror, you should buy it. I am following her advice, and now am enjoying this beautiful circular example which has stalks of wheat printed along the edges, and lots of speckled foxing. Could it be lovelier?


Leslie said...

My grandmother had a mirror just like that in her hall. Brings back memories!
I'm catching up as I've been off the pc for awhile. Just wanted to thank you for the tutorial on the "twirl skirt" (after all what girl can't resist a twirl in a circle skirt?) Also love the elegant dinner you prepared for your father-in-law. I need to try the crab dip on toast idea.

Have a good weekend,

Baleboosteh said...

You know that is really good advice. I love vintage mirrors - I'm sure they are more flattering than modern ones. Must be the foxing!

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

I love old mirrors, actually adore them.

Our greatest find is the one we have in our livingroom, it's about 5 feet by 3 feet and weighs approximately 5000 pounds - it's gorgeous...7 dollars at a garage sale.

I love the circular shape and the size, pretty perfect!

ellemenope said...

I found the best mirror at a small antique store not too long ago. It was all Norwegian acanthus carved on the frame. Somebody had spent months carving it. And there it was all dusty in the back of the store for $10! I snatched it up and am just tickled with myself everytime I look at it.

Your mirror is lovely!

Marfa said...

What gorgeous photos! Where do you get all those beautiful flowers? You must be a gardener as well as, obviously a great cook and seamstress!

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