Thursday, November 15, 2007

Thrifted Treasures

The thrift store was so good to me yesterday! After a few rather sparse weeks, weeks where all the shelf items were half off and quite picked over, the shelves were restocked to overflowing, and I was finding the good stuff.

A Ruth Livingston Hill (Grace's daughter, and quite indistinguishable!), a vintage reader (Daisy adores these stories), unused vintage wrapping paper, a lovely tablecloth for maybe some napkins, and a felt-backed vinyl cloth for picnics in wonderful green and red.



Anonymous said...

WIDE WONDERFUL WORLD!!! As I child I loved that book. It's part of a set, of maybe 10? 12? Great stories, history and biographies in that set. Look for them in thrifts. MOSTLY MAGIC is another great title.

Tyna said...

Thrift store books are awesome!

Munkamama said...

Has anyone else noticed that in the past few years thrift stores seem to bring forth fewer "treasures"???

I think part of it is due to eBay and people (even thrift store employees) checking it out before they donate it. Plus the employees are maybe more aware of the value of "vintage" items.

When my ds was a baby I was finding stuff ALL THE TIME - and now - nothing least the stores around us.

Ok for clothing, but no vintage treasures - and the book dept is vastly diminished except for recent softcover book editions...sigh

mom huebert said...

I own that whole set of readers! I bought it many years ago-- from a thrift store-- for my children.

I've read the other book too, and own a lot of Grace Livingston Hill books.

Books are the main things I look for at our local Goodwill store...

Leslie said...

That's exactly what I buy, books, fabric, & linens. We've used alot of old books to enhance our homeschooling. Even my three year-old knows parts of Longfellow's "Paul Revere's Ride" because he enjoys the old drawings.

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