Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Cookie Frenzy

A week of Christmas baking:

Monday I prepped the ingredients for my marzipan fruitcakes.

Tuesday saw the fruitcakes finishes, three dozen rugelach filled with cherry jam and walnuts, and a big square tin stacked with the little chocolate petit four-style layered bars we make each year.

Today I made coconut macaroons, these way-too-luscious chocolate and mint confections, and dried-cherry and pecan refrigerator cookies.

Gingerbread cutouts are essential, of course, and coming up soon. I also have earmarked something called "chocolate charms" (does it even matter what they taste like?), and I'm thinking something spicy and fruity in the cookie line, maybe with chopped dried apricots.

Until I run out of tins.


Julian said...

wow! looks like youve been extra busy! I have started thinking about our baking and such. Gingerbread cookies, mnm pretzel treats, white cloud like cupcakes with little silver balls, you know. Do you freeze the cookies until Christmas, or what does your family do?
Happy Baking!
Christina Gomez

Anonymous said...


do you have a favorite, reliable, dare I ask ... inexpensive... source for dried cherries? Not local source, as I am not near to you.

deb meyers

Anna said...

Deb--Kroger has had them on sale the last couple of weeks for about $3, much less than usual. Not cheap, but better than before.

Melissa @ Breath of Life said...

Had to print off the mint chocolate recipe. Looks delish!

Anonymous said...

Thanks! There are no Krogers here, though.


Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

The chocolate and mint confections look absolutely amazing. My kind of cookie - they probably wouldn't make it onto the neighbor's gift cookie plate!


Davene said...

Well, if you need tins, I can send you some...provided you send them back to me full of a sampling of your goodies! :)

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