Monday, December 10, 2007

Gingerbread Wonderland

Yesterday: Jane's annual Gingerbread Open House. Bowls of frosting, muffin tins of candies and tiny pretzels and crackers, lots of sticky creative work.

Daisy sat at a tiny table and made a house. I'll skip the gingerbread and just eat her up, thank you.

Gorgeous decorations everywhere, and an unbelievable gingerbread piece de resistance by the hostess:

The Squirrel's Gingerbread House. Can you believe Jane is self-taught?


ruth said...

wow, anna, and i thought i was being creative making an southwestern adobe gingerbread house this year:

where's yours? i'm sure it's beautiful.

Meredith said...


Daisy's blouse is so sweet.

Suzanne said...

Her gingerbread house is great--very Tasha Tudorish / Beatrix Potter:-)

Persuaded said...

We're having a cookie decorating shindig at our house next week... 30 kids and lots of stickiness, and much fun I am sure.

I should contact your friend Jane for some pointers- her house is precious beyond words!

Tracy said...

Wow! What amazing creations!! Those must have taken her hours. Just gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

I love the Gingerbread House, very creative.

Cheaper by the Baker's Dozen said...

Your blog has been such an inspiration to me and I've passed the link on to many friends. I'm a Pleasant View wannabe :) - and have recently started a blog after much coaxing and hand-holding by a couple of my grown children.

I need some of your "conciseness" to rub off on me now!

Anonymous said...

Stunning! Sounds like a fun event.


Alicia said...

The squirrel's gingerbread house is charming!

Shari said...

wow, that is awesome looking!

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