Monday, February 11, 2008

Detail of a Wool Skirt

A recently finished skirt in lavender wool, made from a thrifted modern pattern. Top-stitched pleats and center panels for a change from my usual plain A-line. Fabric is the best buy ever from the real-life Denver Fabrics store: pre-cut lengths of gorgeous wool in huge widths, for only $12 or so.


Suzanne said...

Love the color of the wool!

cheri said...

The sweater and the skirt are my favorite colors.

In the past year all three of our fabric stores in our little town have closed. We have to go pretty far afield now to find fabric.

Buying it online is not an option for me. I have to touch it!

Mrs. Rabe said...

I also love the color of the fabric. I always love to see your projects!

kim said...

What a beautiful color, and your stitching looks perfect. May I ask, how long have you been sewing? I am a novice, and worry that I will never get past the novice (and looks it) stage.

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