Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Felix Birds the Texas Coast. Again.

Felix just returned from his third annual Birding-on-the-Texas Coast Trip. At this time of year, the Gulf coast is a Mecca for birders.

The Composer tells me that as soon as they got out of the car the first morning, a middle-aged man shouted genially, "Felix! We wondered if we'd see you this year!"

Naturally, birders have excellent visual memories, and can easily recall names--it's what they do.

This was Felix's first year to use a spotting scope. He juggles that with the other birding tool, Sibley's Guide to Birds.

This year he really wanted to see a Magnificent Frigatebird. The Composer idly took this picture while Felix was elsewhere.

Felix will get it next year, I'm sure.


YayaOrchid said...

Anna, you must be so proud of Felix. Such a young person and already an accomplished birder! I imagine Felix knows about the abundant birdlife along the Rio Grande Valley in south Texas. It is a mecca for birders. They usually have events around November. I thought I'd pass this link on to you for him to look into

Carmen said...

xLooks like a peaceful experience.

How did he get in to bird watching? Did someone special introduced him to the hobby? I am always intersted in the story...

Charity Grace said...

Anna, I have as similar question. You seem to have guided your older children to find their passions and become good at them at very early ages. How did this happen? I know a lot of people in their 20's who still don't know what they are interested in or what they want to do, much less have the skills to bring their dreams to pass. Any advice?

Julieann said...

What beautiful pictures:)


good_to_be_home said...

What a dedicated bird-watcher! I'm sure the hobby is so good for a growing boy. I'll have to try to get my boys interested.

Anonymous said...

I have the same question as Charity Grace. It's something I've wondered for quite some time. (o:

Many Blessings,

MacCárthaigh Family said...

Again, great photos. I went for a walk with my son and husband on what we called 'bird watching'. It was a nice day today in Ireland but although we heard lots of beautiful bird songs, we saw nothing!
We will try again though.

michelle said...

Great post. I always enjoy seeing the ones about birding because I know so little about it. When I first started reading your blog I was still a little naive about the whole birding thing. But as I've come to read about it in the posts you have mentioned it I can see a very real reason why so many people become so very interested in it.

And that Magnificent Frigatebird? Of course I googled it. What did Felix say about the Composer just 'idly' snapping that shot???? =)

abby said...

aw, he reminds me so much of my little brother who is 11. He also loves birds and has lots on his life list. He takes pictures of his birds also...and loves the bird walks (he is always the youngest and people know him) And I thought it was very amusing that he missed the frigate birds....same EXACT thing happened to my little brother and my dad got the shot instead! :)

danielle said...

Oh My goodness!!! Anna, I just saw the Magnificent Frigate bird for the first time last week!!!!! My husband and I went to Puerto Rico for our anniversary. They were beautiful!! Not only that, there were alot of birds I had never seen before! a black bird of some sort(a bout the size of a redwinged blackbird. it had a tail that was in the form of an upright "V" while sitting, but when it flew, the tail would come together and be straight up and down.(almost like a rudder for a boat). I have tried to google it and look thru books, to no avail. Maybe he knows of it? He has to go to Puert rico for birding some day!!! We were in the area of RinCon. I will put up some pictures on my blog today. My husband has some on his too(

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