Saturday, April 19, 2008

Thrifted Bird Candles

I had a great week at the thrift store! Grabbed up a whole armload of linen dresses to transform into aprons for the shop next week (and maybe a tutorial), lovely little metal trays in yellow printed with dogwood blossoms, and these sweet bird-shaped candles for only thirty cents apiece. I love how they look with a cutting of the Lady Banks rose, the same creamy color.


Katrina said...

I can't wait to see the new aprons.

momawake said...

Very cute.

I'm amazed at what people find at thrift stores. I never see such treasures. Maybe I need more practice or a better store. ; )

Sonja said...

I'm with you, momawake. I just don't seem to find those deals. Spent the last two afternoons browsing through antique/thrift stores, but too pricey. I think a large part of it is the area I live in.

But, Mrs. Pleasant View, you are an inspiration to keep at it!

Julie said...

Oh, I would LOVE a tutorial on aprons! I followed your tutorial for cloth shopping bags and made a lovely one.

I enjoy your blog so much. By studying your son's photos, I have learned to take much better shots. You have also inspired me to learn to sew (and I am, little by little!).

Thanks for all the inspiration and beauty I find on your blog!

Mrs. H. said...

I would love a tutorial as well. I have a couple of those linen dresses that I don't wear anymore, and this would be perfect!

Amy said...

You find such great things at the thrift stores! I never find such good things...perhaps when we have a church-ladies-thrift-store-day again this year, I'll try and spot some good stuff... =D

Tia said...


Laura of Harvest Lane said...

Hi Miss Anna!

I've given you an award!
Check it out at my blog.

I enjoy your blog so much. I check it several times a week!

I especially love to see what you've made.

God bless you!

Laura of Harvest Lane

Mrs. Rabe said...

How delightful!

I love the idea of the aprons!

Can't wait to see them!

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