Thursday, June 26, 2008

Vintage Blouse: Butterick 6223

I love this blouse for its cut-in-one kimono sleeves. It has two fronts, a back, and a facing piece! The easy work of an evening.

I made it in a very drapey linen-rayon blend. I gave myself an extra inch in the hips based on the pattern measurements. Boy, there's a lot of ease in the bust! Next time I might pinch some of that out.

I covered buttons with little scraps from an embroidered pillowcase of my grandmother's.


Mod Girl said...

The covered buttons are the perfect accent on your beautiful, classy new blouse. Love it!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work as always!


Melissa said...

That's it! I simply must learn to sew! I'm always drawn to the patterns you are because they are feminine yet modest at the same time. Any suggestions on how to get started?

Many Blessings,

PS - It's a lovely blouse! :-)

Laura of Harvest Lane said...

I'm so glad you've decided to show your lovely face in your photos. I always enjoy seeing what you've made. The buttons add a precious touch.


Suzanne said...

How pretty, especially those buttons---they're darling:-)

danielle said...

Anna- you have such a great talent! It's nice to see your finished products!

lisa said...

Love, love, love the buttons! Are they from the same Grandmother that was with you until recently?

Anonymous said...

How much time do you spend sewing in an evening? How do you entertain Daisy? I have the same number of children and around the same ages but I sure am not as productive as you!!! Will you share what a typical day looks like?

Regina said...

Oh, I love the extra touch for the buttons!
What a wonderful gift to be able to make clothes!

SentimentsbyDenise said...

You are inspiring me to start sewing clothes for myself again! Love the vintage patterns you are working with - where do you find them?
And, like everyone else - I think the buttons are quite adorable!

Pony and Petey said...

Will any of these lovely blouses show up in your etsy store sometime?

I wear a size 4, just in case = )

Oh yeah...and go ahead and take in the bust a couple inches! haha

A happy heart at home said...

How wonderful that you can sew like that! (I *can* sew straight seams, but it's been about fifteen years! LOL) I love your idea of using your grandmother's embroidery to cover the buttons. That's a really special touch. Where do you find the vintage patterns?


Anonymous said...

Anna, as I looked at this pattern, I found it interesting that on a size "16" pattern, the bust size was a "34". As I am a size 16, I know that today's sizes don't run a bust size as a 34. Oh, how times have changed! (I'm from that pattern era!) I love the look of this top you made. It's wonderful on you!
Also LOVE the hydrangeas from Giles photography! Wow! Are you familiar with the beautiful hydrangeas from the front of the Historic Society Building in Bentonville (I think there is a Wal-Mart to the West of that beautiful piece of property. Don't recall the exact address...on one of the "main drag" highways through Bentonville.) Anyway, the hydrangeas were beautiful there 5 years ago!! :)
Still love your blog. Lana/OK.

Mom2fur said...

I love it! The color is just stunning on you with your dark hair. I think you should make a long-sleeved version for the cool weather, too!

Joy said...

now that's a blouse. It's the perfect cross between dressy and casual. I wonder if there's hope that it would work for me? I have the same issues as Lana. :D

I second the motion on describing a day in your life...I'd love to hear how you balance things.

*emilie* said...

how pretty ! i really enjoyed discovering your blog !

Anonymous said...

You really do such beautiful sewing. I, myself, am what you'd probably call an advanced beginner: I know just enough to know what I do NOT know! :o) Anyway, everything you show us looks very are nice & slim, too, & I have feeling you'd have a hard time looking unattractive in whatever you wear! Thanks for sharing, & inspiring me to try more things.


Lisette said...

So pretty! I always find that the 60s and 50s patterns have tons of bust ease.

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