Saturday, July 05, 2008

Celebrating the Fourth

We've had such a festive weekend with the seemingly non-stop Fourth of July celebrations! On the actual day we went to a party we Always Go To--a potluck and cookout for a hundred old friends on the grounds of a beautiful working farm.

Our farmer host is famous for the hundreds of chicken quarters that he cooks on his enormous grill. The fields roll out down the hill in front of us, dotted with cattle, the pink sunset clouds roll in above us, and we eat and eat. Then we get out the ice cream. This year I brought homemade chocolate. Oh my.

As always, Clara did the cranking. We made ice cream again today (mint chocolate chip) for another party--this was one we hosted at home for our whole church. Potluck with swimming and fireworks. We got rained on, though, and moved the party indoors. And had to save most of the fireworks for Party Number Three.

Which will be tomorrow night. Here. But just fireworks. No ice cream.


Davene said...

What fun! I'm glad you're enjoying this weekend so much!

Anonymous said...

We hand-cranked our ice cream on the fourth, too:)--on the family heirloom ice cream maker--great memories.

This year it took less than 15 minutes and the ice cream was READY!!


Debbie in CA : ) said...

No fireworks for us to shoot off this year. : ( But we made up for it with loads of good food and fun on the 4th. Your weekend of celebrating sounds wonderful. (And the ice cream ... delicious!)

p.s. I love your thoughtful pics.

Cathy said...

Going to Grandma's house on Sunday afternoons during the summer to crank homemade ice cream was a regular occurrence when I was a child; one that gives a feeling that "holds it all together" so nicely. All the cousins would take turns at the crank and there were no monopolies of crankers.(Lucky you Clara!)But we were able to devise a plan of duo teams. One would sit on the towel on top of the ice ceam maker to keep it stationary while the other one would turn the handle.Anticipation of what was to come was priceless!

Debbie said...

Are the ice cream recipes anything you could post (...and can you tell I've never made home-made ice cream before?)I can almost taste it.

You have a wonderful way of making us feel like we are experiencing life with you!

Laura said...

That sounds like such a great way to make memories--unfortunately when we crank, we will not be looking at pastures with cows we will be looking at taxis and traffic lights, oh well, someday!

AnnMarie said...

Would you share your mint chocolate chip recipe? I keep having problems with mine (too much mint flavor) and mcc is my absolute favorite ice cream. (Although the chocolate gelato I just started making is a close second....)

Elizabeth said...

as always...great photos!

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